Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Thankful (Birth)day

It's definitely been a day. It was not quite exactly what I had expected. You see, my day started all wrong. A situation that I allowed to honk me off set this day on the wrong foot right off the bat. But then the 9.78 million FaceBook messages started to roll in. It perked me up quite a bit. Some of what those who are closest to me had to say STILL has me laughing out loud!!!!

My Daddy called and sang "You're a Grand Old Hag". My day was already complete.

From there I was treated to lunch by one of my BFFs. Even got some turtle cheesecake! Got to spend some time tanning (aka naptime) then picked up the kiddos to get them ready for our birthday dinner out.

My day tried to get worse right here. A situation presented itself that worked this sister up! I mean FIRED me up. And very few people have ever had the privilege of seeing me...a true redhead on the inside...get fired up. But this did it. My blood was boiling and my heart was hurting. Not for me, but for someone I loved so much.
I drove home...sad and dejected.

We then headed out to meet my parents and best friends for a yummy yummy yummo McYummerson dinner at Mike's Place. I devoured some crab and lobster stuffed shrimp and keylime pie. My Girl gave me an awesome homemade gift, My Boy gave me "himself" (doesn't THAT gift just keep on giving), My best friends gave me a pedicure for just before my Bahamas trip, my parents gave me a wine accessory set and My sweet Man ordered me a Mac Book pro AND an iPad. AND gave me the best. card. ever! And anyone who knows My Man would totally appreciate it. It sings about my hotness. Literally.

And lets not forget to mention my trip of my dreams to The Bahamas with My Hot Man in just 15 short days to celebrate our anniversary.

I am blessed! My mind finally wandered from my 2 earlier situations.

But just as dinner started some very sad news was delivered to my friend. It shook up some of the family and made my heart hurt for them all.

So here I sit at the end of the night of my 33rd birthday...sad, mad and with a hurting heart. While normally a birthday is "all about me", today all I can think of is these 3 situations that tried to break my heart today. I think of the 3 loved ones who are struggling while I am celebrating and getting gifts and cards and hugs and kisses.

And I am reminded of just how thankful I am for another year to laugh, live and love like only Billie can.

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