Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I was talking with a friend at lunch about friendships and relationships. About investing in others. About being real with one another. About knowing who your real friends are. About knowing who aren't. About knowing who you can trust. About realizing there are some friendships and relationships that just aren't worth it. About telling the truth. About fostering the relationships that matter.

We discussed many situations where this had come to play in our lives. And one in particular that to this day I regret. It taught me more about recognizing exactly WHY I have these relationships in my life. It's not just to say oh...I have 321 friends on FaceBook. I have them for a reason. I have them to help make me a better person. I have them to encourage me. I have them to make me laugh when I need it. I have them to lean on when I need to cry or scream.

I have them because I need them!

When this subject came up at lunch, something settled deep in my heart.


For each one of "those" relationships that I have in my life.
For you who makes me laugh.
For you who knows my heart.
For you who I can be ME around.
For you who knows my ugly and still loves me.
For you who gotten down in the trenches with me.
For you who trust me.
For you who I trust.
For you who I can sit around and just be silly with.
For you who I can call on to pray.
For you who I can't imagine not talking to or seeing just about every day.
For you who can sit with me in silence and it not be awkward.
For you who busts me out.
For you who knows just the right way to make me smile.
For you who understands who I am and is okay with that.
For you who gives when I least expect it.

You know who you are.
And I am thankful for you.

And to my kids:
Don't pick friends based on popularity. The newness wears quickly. Heart relationships...those are what matter.

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