Sunday, May 13, 2012

Being a Momma Loves Reminders

I had a horrible role model for what it meant to be a mother for the first 13 years of my life.  If you know my story, you know that to be the 100% truth.  So when I was pregnant with My Girl, I was scared.  Petrified.  That I wouldn't know what to do.  That I would royally screw up.  That my kids would never rise up and call me blessed, but rather rise up and call me crazy!

Well...the 2nd part would be true not matter what, but still.

Then I had her.  And realized that no matter what, I would be the perfect mother for her.  That there was no right or wrong way to be a mom.  That what works for one family might not work for ours and vice versa.  That there was no need to justify my ways of being a mother because I was exactly the mother that God gave to my kids.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling very under appreciated.  I felt like my family was ungrateful and lazy and that I was the only one around here who lifted a finger to keep this family's wheels running.  I was feeling sort of enslaved to the crap of motherhood.  So, I threatened to go on strike.  Quit just assuming I'm going to take care of everything...front end or back end or it was about to be all on them.  They eventually stepped it up and quit being so lazy.  But then, it hit me.

Being a Momma is work!  Hard work!  With weary days.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  But it has a reward all on it's own planet.  Realizing that you are raising adults, not kids.  That God placed them in my care to teach and to love and raise to become Godly children.  To teach My Girl what it means to be a wife and mother.  To teach My Boy what kind of woman to look for in a wife.  WOAH!  That changes the ball game when you focus on that.

So then, Mother's Day 2012 rolls around.  And I can specifically remember saying at one point thru out today "ISN'T THIS SUPPOSED TO BE MY DAY?  CAN'T I JUST HAVE ONE DAY?"

Nope.  Being a Momma is 24x7.  And while I may be weary, I am honored.  And today, they reminded me that sometimes a Momma just needs little reminders.  

They wanted to snuggle. 
What a great reminder that your kids love you no matter how crabby you can get.

My Girl got up early before church and made every stitch of this breakfast for me all by her little lonesome. 
What a great reminder that your kids know how to be very thoughtful. When they wanna be.

A card that My Girl made up on her own. Complete with little bitty horns. 
What a great reminder that my kids are hilarious!

Beautifully written poems. 
What a great reminder that my kids are highly intelligent and creative.

Funny responses to a class project.
What a great reminder how candid and truthful my kids are. (READ some of My Boy's answers!)

A crazy card from My Man.
What a great reminder that my kids are learning what kind of husband to choose and what kind of husband to be.

A date out with my girls. 
What a great reminder that while Mommy's need a break every now and then...

...I was glad to get home and love on my babies. Thanks for the reminders today.

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