Thursday, May 10, 2007

For this Child I prayed

I finally had my family...something I was beginning to think was never going to happen. When belle was about 3 months old, we discovered I was losing another baby that I never even knew I was pregnant with. The Dr. confirmed it so we were very careful not to let that happen again. As David began to talk of another baby, I panicked. First of all, I did not want to lose another baby (o, ye of little faith) and in the world could anything compare to the love I had for Belle? But thru lots of prayer, I finally agreed it was time. We began the fertility treatments again and it was months of tests and pills....tests and pills. Every month I would go into the Dr on a certain day for them to do blood work and tell me if my levels said Yes or No to getting preggo that month. In March of 2006 I was told the same thing I was told every other is not possible this month. Oh, but God must have been chuckling at those Drs (I believe God has a GREAT sense of humor sometimes.) It was time to start my medicines again, but they will not prescribe them to me without me having taken a pregnancy test. So, I ran on my lunch break to get a cheap-o one so I could pick the meds up on my way home. I came back up to work and took it. It was an immediate positive. After about 15 mins of suffering from dry-mouth (from it hanging open that long) I called Dave. "Honey...are driving? Please pull over."

More tests confirmed that I was, but that my levels were again pointing toward losing this child as well. We cried out to God...cried out with friends and family...cried out with our church to protect this little one inside of me. And He did! Isaiah Luke Overstreet was born December 23, 2006. What do you think? Looks like another funny little miracle staring you in the face, huh?

So, what does all of this come down to? GOD IS GOOD! ALL the time! and ALL the time...GOD IS GOOD!


tait's one and only said...

"Love's kind of funny with a funny boy...I love him so much he's my bundle of joy!!"

Tiffany said...

Gosh, I love this boy!