Monday, May 14, 2007

Pray On, Momma...

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mothers, Grandmothers, or Mothers at heart! I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!

Mine was probably one of the hardest Mother's Days I have had in my short 5 MDs. My son woke up still cranky from being on his antibiotic and my daughter woke up with a mouth on her. Wait up...isn't this supposed to be a day to honor me?!?!? I mean, didn't I labor for hours and hours to deserve this day? Haven't I made it thru some tough times just so they would never know it? I mean, didn't they both draw me the cutest Mother's Day gift? But as the day wore on, more and more piled on top of me that I about said to myself, "Well...this Mother's Day is officially ruined." But later that night, while sitting on the swing watching my kiddos play, God spoke to my heart. Every day is Mother's Day! This is part of being a mother! The good and the bad. The easy and the not-so-easy. The fun and the not-so-fun. None of that other stuff mattered...this was another day day that my kids LOVE me!

I choose as a mother to not be like my mother was. I choose as a mother to handle situations and not just ignore them. I choose as a mother to do what is in the best interest of my kids. And one day they will understand, but right now they just know me as the "fixer" of all that is wrong. They turn to me when all of their attempts at something fails. They turn to me when they are hurting...big or small. And guess what? I am learning that I am a good Momma! Do you know how long it has taken me to get to that? People tell me all the time how great of a mother I am and I just laugh and say thank you but walk away in disbelief. But I am! God is blessing my children as a blessing to me as a Momma. God is working that out in me.

And isn't that just what God wants from us? To come to Him with it all? He is the Almighty Fixer! Healer...Protector...Provider...Lover of my soul! You name it and He is it! He only wants the best for us, just like a Momma. Sometimes He has to discipline us to get us to be the person He wants us to become, just like a Momma. Sometimes we rebel, just like a child. But God is always faithful to us, just like a Momma. And every day is "God's Day"...just like every day is "Mother's Day".

So instead of "Happy Mother's Day", I'll take "Happy Mothering!" I'm so thankful for my kiddos and what God is doing and is going to do in them. I mean, that little boy praise Him to "Shackles" by Mary-Mary like no one I've ever seen! And that Isabella...I'm already claiming she will be the next Beth Moore. Where does stuff like that come from? God...and a praying Momma. So all of you Mommas out there, hear may have a tough may be the funnest day ever...but no matter what, you are a light for those babies and your hard work and prayers will pay off in the heavenlies!

Pray on!

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