Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So, Here's the Rules

I love my daughter and her comments sometimes. I've mentioned before that I just know (and claim) that she is the next Beth Moore and in a blog pretty soon I'll share why (Beth, don't worry about the competition yet...she's only 4). But this week she has just blown me away with the simplistic insight she shared with the family.

On our way home from school Monday Belle shared with me that she had gone for a walk with one of her friends. When I asked her where she walked to she replied, "Just in the grass". I told her that she knows she is never to go off the porch or past the playground. She wondered why. So, I told her that someone could take her and she would never see us again. "Why would someone do that?" Well, because they don't know Jesus. "What would they do to me?" Bad things that would make you very sad. "They would never let me see you again?" Nope. "What would make someone do that Momma?" I don't know baby. "Mean People." We rode along for a little while and a light seemed to dawn inside her precious little head. "Momma, I know why someone would do that. It's sin! It's always about the sin!" Billie, pick up your jaw before it pops out of socket. She is so right...It's always about the sin!

So that night she approaches me and her Daddy. " here's the rules." First of all, I about doubled over in pain from laughing because she was so serious. But she shared them with us very matter-of-factly then walked out of the room with a thumbs-up and a smile on her face. Over the next couple of days, thru sharing these rules with other friends, she has them modified and down pat. Ok, so here's the new rules:

  1. Love God!
  2. Obey your parents (amen sister!)
  3. Don't sin
  4. Love and be nice to your little brother
  5. Keep your hands to yourself
  6. Pick up your toys
  7. Be nice

That just about covers everything in life, doesn't it? I mean if we #1 love God, agapao Him, everything else falls into place...obedience, love for one another, servanthood, etc. What other rules are needed? I take and be nice to your little brother and turn it into love and be nice to your brothers and sisters...both blood and in Christ. They all boil down to being an example too. Seven simple rules that if everyone would follow, this world would be a much better place.

"I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it. And He took the children in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them. " --Mark 10:15-16

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Tait's one and only said...

As I wipe away the tears that immediately come to my eyes whenever Belle is even mentioned, I think about a few weeks ago, when I was visiting, and Belle let us in on some of her amazing spriritual insight. She said "The Lord is our Power!" Ya know, it's amazing how God can use the simple words of a child to make a person stop in their tracks and say..."wait a minute! The Lord IS our Power! We can get through any situation because HE IS OUR POWER!!" I thank God every day for this precious miracle, named Isabella, that He's so graciously brought into my life. For through the faith of this beautiful child I can now say I have no fear because "THE LORD IS MY POWER!!" Thank you Belle for your amazing faith!