Monday, July 30, 2007

A VERY Eventful 4 Days

It all started with Thursday...the day that this Momma's heart wept on it's own as it realized that her mothering of babies days were past. Luke slept his first night in his big boy bed. And this bed is very sentimental to me. It was my bed that my Momma and Daddy bought me when I first moved in with them, so I have had it since I was 13 years old. Of course the mattresses are new. We bought them when we moved Belle into it about this same age. I cried then...I cried harder this time. You can click on the photo page at the right to see more photos, but here are just a few.

Taking down the still my heart...

Putting up the big boy bed

I'm no Martha Stewart, but here's his room!

Ahhhh...sweet little boy asleep in his big boy bed.

Friday my little girl did the sweetest thing for her Momma. She told her Daddy she wanted to surprise me by washing my car (all her idea) because, "She is the best Mommy and she deserves it and the other washers are tired of washing my car." So, they snuck out after we got back from the store. After about an hour she came in completely soaked and said, "Are you ready to see your surprise? Tada!!!" It was SO sweet of her, and don't think she has let me forget. In the middle of nothing she'll pop up with, "Man, I sure did work hard on your car Momma!"

You Go girl!

Saturday...Belle was invited to a friend's birthday party where they had a petting zoo and pony rides. Belle really enjoyed it all. Luke just ran around growling at all the animals. Here are just a few of the photos (the rest got the photos link)

That cowgirl wink!

Feeding the animals


Guiddy-up Horsey!

Last night after church we had a great surprise...Aunt Becky came in for just a few hours. We drove to Rose Bud to see her and her family. The kids were very happy to see her.

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