Monday, August 6, 2007

A Legacy

Saturday a sweet member of my family (FSC Family) met Jesus...

And her 2 sweet babies that went on before her...

Renee was a very special friend to me. She and I became friends over scrapbooking, similar trials, and similar blessings. We had been attending church together for quite some time, but God allowed us a point to connect in a special way. She was there for me at a time when only 2 or 3 people knew what was going on in my life...

And God had showed her how I would need her.

She touched many people's lives in that she was the most un-selfish person I have ever met...her whole family is that way. Even during some of the most trying times on this earth for her, she was still striving to find ways to help others.

That was Renee.

God has blessed us so much with her and her family. She has left a legacy in more ways than this blog could tell or everyone that she has touched (including myself) could recount.

The words of this song has continually come to my heart about her since the short few weeks ago when this time began. I want to share it with you now...

"Let it be said of us
While we walked among the living
Let it be said of us
By the ones we leave behind
Let it be said of us
That we lived to be a blessing for life

Let it be said of us
That we gave to reach the dying
Let it be said of us
By the fruit we leave behind
Let it be said of us
That our legacy is blessing for life

This day
You set life, you set death right before us,
This day
Every blessing and curse is a choice now
And we will choose to be a blessing for life

Let it be said of us
That our hearts belonged to Jesus Let it be said of us
That we spoke the words of life
Let it be said of us
That our heritage is blessing for life

For your Kingdom, for our Children
For the sake of every nation

Every blessing, and cursing are choices
Will you build up, or tear down, the moment of truth is NOW!"

--John Waller

In honor of Renee...Where are you right now? Are you hurt? Are you mad? Are you angry? Are you just tired? Renee's husband, Scott, coined the phrase "DM--Don't Matter". (Me and my peeps, my girlfriends at church, have set up camp and wallered all over this phrase!) The things of this world pale in comparison to things that are eternal.

Do you know Jesus! That matters.
Do you love one another! That matters.
Do you want to see Renee again! That matters.


bec said...

She sounds like an absolutely amazing woman.

Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

This sure is a daily reminder everytime I read your blog. The things in this life truly don't matter. Renee was an amazing woman...