Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New York is Outside...Did y'all know that?

We got up early Monday morning and had a lovely breakfast at the hotel. Upon leaving there I had to check in with my workplace for a little and off we went.

1st stop...the train station where she realized trains were VERY loud.

2nd stop...Another train station...to change trains.

3rd stop...Hoof it on foot in the city for 16 blocks to pick up our tour bus tickets. Let's eat an apple along the way.

4th stop...finding the next tourbus stop we wanted to take. We opted for the Batter Park express so she could see the Statue of Liberty right away. Some of the best things about these tour buses is that you get to see more of the city, you can see more of it from up a little, and those tour guides know more about the smallest details that can amaze you! On our way we passed BEHIND ground zero which gave us a much better view than from the front. I will have to get those photos off of Alison's camera.

Doesn't she just look all New York-ery?

So, we hop on the Staten Island Ferry and some "ferry" comes along and steals my little girl's joy! I quickly realize it is the "I'm missing my nap ferry." alison asks her what is wrong and she complains of hot and being worn out. Alison then asks, "Belle, did you not think NY was all outside?" She says, "No." We had some 'splainin' to do...

After adjusting our attitude and dolling out smiles all around, we hopped back on the bus for the rest of the tour. We hop off at Time's Square and she squeals with delight, "Look! It's Times Square! We've seen that, Momma!!!" That was worth it all right there. On and forward...we head to Bubba Gump Shrimp company for some lovely lunch with Jesus' disciples and Jesus asleep (her "plate" was a boat and she told us the fries were the disciples and shrimp in the back of the boat was Jesus asleep.)

We headed back to the hotel for, of course, some more swimming. I left them around 8:30 to enjoy our huge-a-mong-o bed while I headed out here to beautiful Serling Forest for work. yeah...I'm a little tired.


bec said...

okay...the french fries and shrimp being Jesus and the disciples is the sweetest thing ever!

Tiffany said...

She definately thinks about Jesus everywhere she goes! Good Girl! Looks like this little girl is having the time of her life...without me!!