Monday, August 13, 2007

"I think we should just relax a little..."

Those were Belle's words after we finally arrive at the Hotel in New Jersey on Sunday. We woke her up around 3:50 in the AM.

Yes, that is in the morning.

No, she wasn't fully coherent, but neither was I!

Anywho, after some quick toothbrushing and a promise that she would sleep in the car, we were off. That girl didn't sleep...she talked most of the way there. I don't know who her mother is....

After a few tears kissing Daddy goodbye, we got thru security in about 10 minutes.

Yes, I said 10.

...and waited to board our plane. We took off and she was loving it. We came down and she didn't love it quite as much. Once her ears started popping, even all the while smacking some Juicy Fruit (that was for you, Daddy), she was yelling-crying! We got off and got on the longer of the 2 flights and she asked if this one was going to hurt as bad. We, of course trying to avoid the premature wailing and gnashing of teeth, told her no.

She soon figured out, we lied.

But, to cushion the blow, she could actually see NEW YORK CITY! Well...brooklyn, but that's ok.

"Attention all passengers. We are making our final decent into LaGuardia, etc. etc. etc. yada. yada. yada." "Mommy, we are going to land in the water!" Party people...if you have never flown into LaGuardia, let me just forewarn you. YOU LAND IN THE WATER!!! Billie's biggest fear #1...drowning via some horrific incident (ie. bridge collapse, airplane crash, boating accident, etc) and #2...going down in a plane PERIOD. Get thee behind me, Satan! You tried to combine my 2 fears to choke me and I survived! ...and as long as I know how to live, I know I'll stay alive!


Meet Kathy at baggage claim...check!

Rental Car...check! (Sweet Pontiac G6, that corners like it's on rails...not that I would know...yeah...)

Maneuvered from Queens, NY to Mahwah, NJ...check!

Didn't get run over/run someone over on the way...check!

Hotel check in...check!

Move into our little home away from home...check!

Grab some sustenance...check!

Go for a nice warm dip in the pool...HALT! I don't think I've seen Alison's lips that blue...well...ever. So, me in my swimsuit lounged in what little sun was left while they shibbered and shaked.

After coming back in and getting ready for bed ( 6:30 pm) Alison and I were discussing how we would handle our first day and what all we would do. Belle, in her tired and sweet little voice pops up with, "Um...I think we should just relax here a little. Yeah. That's a great idea."

Bless her bones. She's a real trooper!

More photos soon...

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