Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hi, My Name is Billie...It's Nice to Meet You...

Yes, I'm still here. And Yes, I do still plan to keep this blog going. And Yes, Brittney Spears needs intercessory prayer.

I'll blog soon about the fam, but I have to share something God spoke to me about thru a Bible Study I am in called "Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets them Free".

"Compared to others who commit "serious sins" (murder, adultery, embezzling money, etc), it's easy for us to feel that we aren't so bad. Our own sins of wasting time, self-protection, talking too much, eating or drinking too much, a sharp tongue, a critical spirit, overspending, fear, worry, selfish motives, or complaining don't seem all that major. We may not even consider them to be sins at all--preferring to think of them as weaknesses, struggles, or personality traits.

Eve easily could have viewed her sin this way. After all, she didn't leave her husband; she didn't curse God or deny His existence. All she did, when you think about it, was to take one bite of something God told her not to eat. What was the big deal? the big deal was that God said "Don't" and eve said, "I will."

That one, simple act of eating something God said was off limits produced enormous consequences--in her body; her mind, will and emotions; her relationship with God; and her marriage. That one "little" sin influenced her husband to sin, which resulted in the entire human race being plunged into sin. Like a rock thrown into a pond, the ripples caused by sin go on and on."

Whew! Talk about The Potter breaking the clay! It's so hard sometimes. We rock through life like we are ok and "good people". We don't commit those big sins. Sure, I worry all the time. Sure, I gossip, but I'm not as bad as them. Oh, grasshopper...but I am. Sin is sin.

Father, cleanse my heart and my mind of what I've tried to cover up all this time. For You knew anyway and love me still. Thank you, Lord. Thank you!

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