Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No Fish Tale

Again...ANOTHER beautiful day yesterday! Thank you, God for all of these family bonding opportunities.

My daughter LOVES, loves, LOVES to fish. She has been asking without ceasing recently to go fishing. So, yesterday we headed out as a surprise. And Boy, was she excited.

Now...Belle's first fishing trip was with her Grandpa and her Dad who would both live in the woods by a fishing hole if they could. That just allowed me to sit back and take photos.

Then, along came Luke.

And no Grandpa. I can't tell you how many times we had to literally drop things to snatch him from going in the water with that pole!

Either way, we had a wonderful time as a family! Enjoy!

Getting everything ready...Belle is a professional now

Lukey's first smell of Power Bait...YUCK!


1-2-3 Cast! He was only about pushing the button and forget that reeling in business!

This was the ONE time he actually did it.

See...a pro-fess-ional! This girl knows how to fish....with her pretty Princess fishing pole!

My little family of fisher-people (notice you don't see a pole for me)...

WAY TO GO, BELLE! This thing was about the size of David's hand which is about 2 of mine. She was so proud. And, FYI, she told her Grandpa (b'c we had to call him) that it was pink. You know...Pink pole catches pink fish!

Daddy's first catch. Isn't it nice and big and yummy looking? He caught a bass and another brim before we got ran out by the FREEZING winds. I'm sure he'll be back out there today, though.

Belle never got this close. See...difference between boys and girls. He is growling back at the cat here.

I'm cold! Let's go to the truck and wait on the Daddy and the Sister!

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Alison said...

Belle's face just radiates EXCITEMENT about catching the pink fish!

That boy...that boy...and his growling!

I big heart both of them so much!