Monday, March 24, 2008

Let's Bowl, Let's Bowl, Let's Rock 'n' Roll

David and I were off for Good Friday, so my parents came in so we could celebrate my Daddy's 53rd birthday. We grabbed some lunch and then headed to the Conway Family Bowl. Now, this was both of my kiddos first time to bowl (well...Belle went with us when she was itsy bitsy, so that doesn't count).

Anyway...I'm sure we will be returning as every day since then Belle keeps asking, "After this (whatever we are doing) can we go to the "B"?"

That would be "B"owling...

Since this wasn't planned I did not have the forethought to grab my camera, so what you see here came off of David's cell phone.

One proud bowler!

I wished you could have seen the trotting up to the lane that lead up to this. She would run from the very back (as best she could) and chunk that ball. She was very good, though, I must say. Of course, I would be too if I had them gutter guards.

Do you see the thoughts forming in his eyes? "I wonder who I could throw this at?" He started with the little contraption that sits at the beginning of the lane that little ones can put the ball on and then push, but quickly realized that throwing the ball and hearing how LOUD it could thud on the lane was much more entertaining to everyone. He would throw it and then squat and say, "Watch it! Watch it!" Even if it hit nothing, he jumped for joy.

As long as I didn't try to take off his sweet bowling shoes, he was good.

I tell ya...this family was called to sports...


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