Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thank You, Bear in the Big Blue House!

My little boy...I call him potty trained! Will we/do we have accidents? Sure! But that boy has spent the last 2 days dry in underwear...even thru naptime! Yes! He slept in his underoos!

I fully attribute it to a wonderful day teacher, the pee-pee in the potty dance (you should see our whole family doing that one!) and "Potty Time with Bear" that gets watched EVERY day!

It was the BEST investment. We got it for Belle and she potty trained in about a week. We tried to introduce it to Luke a while ago, but since he doesn't really like TV at all, it didn't work. But, we started with it about 3 weeks ago and it seems to have done the trick again!

...and the sticker he gets every time

...and the one piece of candy he gets every time (thanks Jon and Kate +8!)

We'll work on #2 now!

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Andrea said...

YEA Luke!!!!!!!!! I LOVE those kids of yours!!!!!!