Friday, May 9, 2008

We Really Did Go to Gulf Shores, I Have Proof!

I bet you thought we really didn't go to Gulf Shores. No photographic proof. Only a few videos (See a little further down) that I could have swiped from some other tourist, huh?

Not the case. We really did go and we really did have a wonderful time!

The link to all of the photos is here ( )

I have put just a sampling with each run down of the days below.

Here we go!

Saturday (Arrival Day!)

We mainly unpacked and got settled in, along with making a Wal-Mart list. Always fun. After a wonderful dinner at Lambert's in Foley we just came back an relaxed with some good ol' pickin' and grinnin' with my Daddy. Now, this touches this little country girl's heart. All my childhood my parents were part of a bluegrass band that traveled around in their spare time doing weddings, events and sometimes even funerals. (Yes, funerals!) And they let me tag along and even sing and play the tambourine, but that's a whole other post right there. But the little girl inside of me still sees her very own guitar hero in her Daddy. And we had the best time doing this just about every night we were there.

Then we headed out under the cover of night to do some crabbin'. Belle was fine until she got to the shore line and thought they were going to bite her. I assured her they wouldn't (forgive me) and we had a great time. Johnny and David found a few and even got bit a few times. They never caught the elusive "Big Buck" crab that first attacked Johnny. I could see the fire in his eyes as we left them there to chase him down.


We got up and after breakfast headed out to the beach. Belle ran right out and dove in. Luke...well...he didn't like it much. He even cried. But think about how intimidating it is when you are standing in the surf and as it goes back out, you feel like you are going with it! Belle was that way the first time we took her when she was 18 months, so I can't blame him. Next year will be better! My dad and David dove off right into the water that was a little chilly that morning, but they didn't care. After a quick nap we headed to Orange Beach for a little Dolphin watching. At first I wasn't sure Luke was too keen on getting in that big Mariner boat, but after the boat took off and the Dolphins started playing in the wake, he was all about it! It was worth every penny and for almost 2 hours of just being out in the bay was beautiful! Grammie bought the kids T-Shirts from there and they don't want to take them off. Luke even makes us put his on backwards b'c that's where the picture of the dolphins and the boat is.


There is a little zoo in Gulf Shores that apparently had a series on Animal Planet last year. It was called "The Little Zoo that Could". And let me was a very cozy zoo. It was big enough that you felt like you saw a lot of stuff, but small enough that you didn't get worn out. They built it where you feel like you are walking thru an actual forest/wooded area. I've been to many a zoo in my day (St. Louis included) and it was positively the cleanest zoo I've ever seen (or smelled). After the zoo, it was time for some "split" time. My Dad has always wanted to stop at the USS Alabama Memorial in Mobile, but Momma and I never would let him. And we made 2 trips (at least) every year from home to Florida! So, with he and Johnny being both ex-military, they were foaming to go. So, off the boys went to Mobile while us girls (plus Lukey) shopped! The men-folk came home happy as though they had just visited the Taj Mahal or something (you know...if it were me). I have included a sampling of what I thought seemed cool from the 98 photos that David took. Yes...98 photos in just a few short hours. Belle lost her first tooth that day too! She made $2 but Daddy told her that when you "lay up" your money it gains interest and she suddenly saw it was $3. An hour later it was $4. I gently reminded her that it really only happens that big with the first tooth...


Our day to do nothing! Oh, it was nice. I did make everyone get dressed and run down to the beach for some family photos, but that only took (literally) 15 minutes. Once I said "Ok, let's get in our swimsuits!" Belle tore back to the house! Then we all spent the rest of the day on the beach. I even fell asleep! It was so nice. And poor Becky...she was a LOBSTER! Made for a very uncomfortable drive home! That night we went and had more wonderful seafood and let Belle go to the souvenir shop (aka Shark's mouth) to spend her tooth money. She got a dolphin bracelet to remind her about the dolphins and a crab magnet.


We went our separate ways and my parents made it all the way home by that night. Score one for Daddy, b'c I know Momma wasn't having any part of that. We headed 2 hours over to Biloxi, MS to spend some time with Johnny's sister and her family. We had a great lunch and wonderful time with them. We left there around 5 and stopped in Hattisburg, MS to stay the night, and traveled home the next day.

That's probably the shortest story I've told yet! I hope you enjoyed our little trip. Next year, come go with us!

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