Monday, June 16, 2008

A Day in the Life of a 30-Year-Old

That 30-Year-Old would be me!

And since I'm old, I tend to ramble...

This might be a long post.

That's right. I turned the big 3-zero on Saturday. It was actually wonderful. I've been looking forward to it for a while now b'c 29 was SOOOOOOO not my favorite year.

I wasn't planning anything spectacular for my birthday. My parents called earlier in the week to see when I wanted them to take me to dinner and get my present from them. Mom said either Friday or Saturday night depending on my Dad's work schedule. She called back on Friday to tell me that it would have to be Saturday and they would be here around 3:30.

So, I planned this for Friday night. BEST birthday party in my book!

Saturday morning we wake up and head to Stoby's for breakfast. Yes, I KNOW I'm on Weight Watchers, but I'm THIRTY! I deserve a little Eggs Benedict.

Plus 3 pounds.

After that we head to the Wal Mart for a riveting race to a good parking spot and battle with the ever harder-to-maneuver grey buggy.

I'm THIRTY! My muscles don't work as they used to, ya know?

Anywho. My day-o-fun continues as we unload the groceries. I receive phone calls from my Daddy singing his traditional "You're a grand ol' hag" that he sings every year...the Kocoureks singing a lovely rendition about my soon to come ailments...and my best friend and MENTOR acting as though she almost forgot it was my birthday.


I's my birthday. I'm THIRTY (in case you weren't aware). I need to document this momentous occasion. So, I break out the camera and here you have it. A Day in the life of a 30-year-old.

A gift from my In-Laws...they know the way to my heart is thru cleanliness!

My birthday wish from my kiddos

One hot little boy!

Lukey trying to write an "M"...and he told me it was an "M"

His "O"

A beautiful bouquet from my baby girl. I put them in water in a little cup. I came by later and she had turned them upside down. She is still stuck here.

I got a box and colored my hair. I told you this day was riveting. But that's how we 30-year-olds roll.

My hubs bought me this...when he wasn't looking. We are waiting on the other one to come in still.

Hubs mowed the yard!!! DOES it get any better? Don't will!

Belle wanted to have her make up put on.'s my birthday and we are probably heading to the Whole Hog. Why not?

Momma and Daddy showed up (late) but they brought THESE! 600 Thread count Egyptian Cotton SATEEN sheets! I don't think me and hubs have had a better night's sleep.

Momma said that before we went to eat she needed to run to Wal-Mart and we needed to pick out a new comforter for Daddy's bed. No big deal since I wished Daddy had a new one anyway. Right? Wrong!

We walk in and Momma says she is thirsty and where can she get a drink. I told her that there was a McDonald's in the back by the comforters. I'm used to this. Momma is ALWAYS thirsty! So, we head that way.

Along the way we run into Hannah, our pastor's daughter. She asks how the party was. I say, "What party?!" as she gasps and covers her mouth. Me, being as gullible as I am, say, "Well, I guess I'm having some cake when I get home." Because you see...I STILL hadn't told Momma where I wanted to eat. Therefore, she COULDN'T tell folks where to go. Right?

Wrong again!

We head to the back and I pipe up with, "I'll go ahead and start looking at the comforters." Me, David, Daddy and Luke begin our search. David's phone rings and he says that it was my Momma and she said Belle was crying b'c she thought I was behind her and now I'm not. I'm used to this. She LOVES her 30-year-old Momma! She does.

So Daddy says we need to go and come right back. As we swing Lukey boy up to the MCDONALDS in THE WALMARTS...I see them all and hear the horns blowing.

Yup. They got me. At the MCDONALDS in THE WALMARTS! As they placed a hat on my head and I made my rounds of hugs and kisses, I was red. Redder than the hair I just colored.

You see, when my hubs turned 30, I embarrassed him. Thoroughly. While he was suffering from salmonella poisoning. Because that's they kind of wife I am.

But hey...I don't want all that food that the 50+ people had there to do to waste. Nor, did I want their gas money they paid (some to drive from far out of town) to go to waste. So he grabbed his bucket and we headed to his 3 hours of torture.

He vowed to pay me back.

Here are some photos to prove it.

The entire bunch

Chris came up with the McDonald's why am I hugging her?

Aren't we cute?

My favorite part, though had to be Kerri telling everyone to hurry up b'c SHE was getting embarrassed. Hell-looo! Thirty...hat...horns!

So, as the little party broke up we all decided (except for a few who had prior engagements, but thanks for coming!) to head to Cracker Barrel.

Because I knew that a Mexican place would only end in a sombrero. And those do NOTHING for the newly red hair I just colored.

ALL the way, I mean ALL the way from the MCDONALDS to the front door of the WALMARTS (with my birthday girl hat on) they blew horns and told everyone we passed, "HEY...SHE'S THIRTY!"

It was a tender moment...

...One that carried into the parking lot and TO the Cracker Barrel.

Speaking of the Cracker are some photos of the ones who could join us. I love you ALL!

Momma Margie and Papa Bill

The crazy cops...Jim and Sherri

My Tammy and Tiff (the Nee Nee)

My Kiss (Chris) and the Hubs

Karen and Kim

Sophia (SO tickled to see her!) and one very mortified JT

Momma and my baby boy

John and Alison

My first born and JT's brother, Connor. AND her shirt says "Friends are forever. Boys are whatever." Go girl!

The birthday girl and her Daddy

Opening Gifts and Cards

From Sophia...about being a friend. How appropriate with all of these friends here with me.

The littlest partier

My loot

After dinner Chris, Tammy and My Mommy took me shopping. Well, don't think they didn't get stuff for themselves while we were there, but we had a GREAT time and I got lots of pretty things.

Here's my Mommy...critic and clothes holder. The girls LOVED having her around.

We even made a friend in the dressing rooms. Her name is Judy, nice to meet her.

Well...that's it. A day in the life of this 30-year-old's birthday. I spent it with friends and family and just had one of the best days.

Hi, my name is Billie. I'm THIRTY.

Couldn't remember if I told you that or not...


Tiffany said...

I love the fact that all my friends are much older than me!

Alison said...

Oh it was fun...I can't believe we actually pulled one over on the "Queen of Surprise Parties"!

AliciaG said...

LOL...what a hoot! Sounds like you had a terrific time and I didn't even remember it was your birthday. Sorry! Happy belated Birthday! You don't look a day over 29. LOL

Anonymous said...

Dad & I had a great time terriorizing you as usual. But it was great speading time with you and seeing how wonderful you have grown. We are very proud and love you very much. Mom & Dad

Rebecca Clifft said...

Happy Birthday, Billie, from one 30 year old to another! :)

Shannon said...

I wondered if Dave would get you back or not. I never would have thought that he would do it at Wal-Mart! I'm glad that you had a wonderful day!!! I wish I could have been there to help you celebrate your 30th!!! Now you are a part of the "old" bunch, like the rest of us.
Love ya,

bec said...

Fun times! Wish I could've been there. I love ya!

Andrea said...

That is hilarious!! Looks like you had a great time! I didn't even know it was your b-day! :( I sowwy!!! Happy belated birthday anyway! Love ya!!

The Burns Family said...

OMG! This is hilarious. If only I had spent my 30th in a similar fashion...I couldn't get over being 30. I'm over it almost to 40. sigh.
happy belated birthday!