Friday, June 13, 2008

Family Night #1

Over on Whittaker Woman's blog she has been posting about these "Family Nights" for a couple of months now. She got the idea from a friend of hers. Basically, you set aside one night a week and do something special with the kiddos and family (and any friends who might want to participate) with some sort of theme. And they have shared some really cool things to do lately.

So, I said a while ago that I wanted to do this and started taking notes. Today, it hit me after watching something on CF's website...what if there were no tomorrow? Sure we do things here and there, but they are usually something outside of the house...the home we have made for them. I want to build outrageous memories NOW specifically of inside this HOME. Things other than eating supper all together with NO TV...snuggling up to all watch a movie together...learning some of our school work...all these things are great and will make good memories. But I wanted something...somethings they will talk about and laugh about as they are older that only THEY will understand. And this was one way!

Today was the day. I ran to the store on my way home and got what I needed for tonight's family night. I think we will do Thursdays from now on, but I couldn't wait. The Kerr's came and we had a great time!

So, here's to Family Night #1...Backwards Night!

Notice...we ate on the floor, the tables were upside down, the balloons hung instead of floated and the big one in the was an inside-out pinata...the candy was on the outside!

We at the food out of a cup and drank our drinks upside down!

Check out our centerpiece donated by the Kerrs

Mmmm...upside-down cupcakes! The icing stuck to the bottom of the bowl, but Luke will show you how to handle that in a minute.

Belle coming out to see all the craziness

All in our backward-ness

My 2 homies

Aren't we cute?

Daddy with his reverse pony

Blowing out our "Momma's Birthday" candles

The Kerrs with their cupcakes

Now THIS...this is how you handle misplaced icing!


Alison said...

In honor of backwards night here is my comment - BACKWARDS!

!emit taerg a dah eW

AliciaG said...

What a hoot! This reminds me of the night our friends invited us over to dinner and we had to eat with no utensils. She handed us surgical gloves and that is what we had to use to eat spaghetti, salad and banana pudding for dessert! You might want to try that sometime. It was a blast!

MCC said...

Backwards night is fun!

These memories will be the best for your kids!!!

LaVonne said...

I love this idea and hope to do it sometime this summer with my fam. I love that you even turned the tables upside down!