Friday, June 20, 2008

Family Night Edition #2

Thanks again, Heather (and various others) for some great ideas!

This time it was time to head out to "Under the Sea"! As much fun as last week's "Backwards Night" was, this one topped it. Maybe it was the water! Or maybe b'c this one was a complete surprise to my kiddos. I left them at school while Alison and I made a quick trip to the grocery store and I came home to get it all ready. Then, when the kiddos walked in, it was all ready.

Hope you enjoy "Under the Sea"

This is our "fishin poles" (pretzels) and "bait" (peanut butter)

Our under water adventure

We even had music of the islands!


Here is more of our decorations. We plan to fish and watch "Shark Tale" as well.

What do you think of our "octopus dogs" and "shells"?

The centerpiece..."ocean water" with a cute turtle surrounded by fish for fishing later!

I just LOVE doing this stuff!

Walking into our adventure

Ready in her swimming suit with her "ocean water"

Thanks Mom!

Time to go fishin'

I'm tryin!

Belle got one

Our neighbors joined our watery night too

Belle fishin' for goldfish

Lukey eating his catch

Alison bought the kiddos a slip 'n' slide so we headed out to get under some water of our own. Belle has done it before and took right to it. Lukey, he was chicken-y and would only sit in the pool at the end. Eventually, though, he had a blast.

Me...what convinced me? Well, that would be the cheering section who were making fun of me for the Log Ride Debacle '08. Soooo...I did it. David got some video, but no one needs to see that.

For real!


She's good at this!

I will spare you the photos that lead up to ME making it onto the slip n slide, but here we all are! Aren't we precious?

Lukey just wanted to play in the little pool at the end.

Daddy finally just threw the chicken (aka Luke) into it after about 40 minutes of just playing in the pool...


Oops! Occupational hazard...

We have only done 2 of these so far, but they have been some of the best experiences I've had with my family. We aren't out spending money to go somewhere and we are not only enjoying each other, but we are using our imaginations! Kinda makes you feel like a kid again, even thru the weight of the world we parents shoulder.

I challenge you...give it a try!


Alison said...

So much fun and laughter! Can't wait for more of these fun-filled family nights!

Shanda said...

That is so much fun! We did slippin' slidin' family night with a homemade slip and slide last week.

AliciaG said...

You are making some great memories with your kids that they will laugh and talk about for years to come. When they get into freshman English in college and have to write about a most memorable moment from their childhood...they are going to have a wealth of things to choose from. It will probably hard to just pick one!!!

MCC said...

My kids loved doing the fishing w/ pb too...

These nights will be some of their best memories...

Anonymous said...

Very cute. This is stuff your kids will never forget!

whittakerwoman said...

Oh I just love the pretzels and dip! I may have to another kind of fishing night and incorporate that! I loved that you shared your ideas. Can I ask you a favor and give a little link love. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. H

The Proctors said...

What a neat idea to do the family nights! You are so creative!!