Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm Just a Momma Who is a Little..ok LOT Proud

I know...I know. Pride is a sin. A deep rooting sin. One that causes many more kinds of sins to surface. But that's not the kind of "proud" I'm taking about. I mean the kind where I just looked at my little ones this morning and was proud that God gave these two to me. Just down right proud.

Now, I'm proud of them all the time, but I got an extra special dose of it hit me this morning.

You see...first of all, here's how they looked heading out the door for church:

I mean! Take this Momma's heart and flatten it out with a cast iron skillet! For real!

But then, I watched Belle during "Meet 'n' Greet" time at church...walking around and telling people "I Love You"...and I knew she meant it.

I watched Luke walk around in his "I-be-Daddy" suit and show folks his Bible. He even "threw the Word" at someone.

Then, at lunch, one of my best friends who doesn't like children told me just how much (again) she loves my kids. They have pierced her heart in a place she didn't know existed.

I'm one proud Momma!

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Andrea said... them!!! How precious! You should be proud!!!