Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Great Weekend!

I love when David and I can both be off work for a holiday! Plus, he didn't have school since his classes are on Monday nights...even better! We told Belle we were taking off work to spend time with them, b'c she is ALWAYS asking us to take off work and we say we can't. Now, we "could"! She piped back with, "Well, I think I'll take off school too." Crazy kid...

Saturday after David got back from helping a friend paint, we loaded up and took the kids to Beaverfork. We took a picnic supper and ate and then headed out to fish.

I lost my son in this photo...

...there he is...Silly boy!

My children are fisher-folks by blood. You see, I'm pretty sure my husband and father-in-law's blood smells an awful lot like crappie. Just a hunch. My daughter...she lives to see her bobber go under. My son...just wants to cast.

(Insert Andy Griffith theme song here)

My favorite folks

Her favorite person...

After a while of "kid fishing" I walked the kids to the playground area so Daddy could fish without fear of one of our children going in the water. We won't say his name.


Anyway, we didn't catch any fish, but they had a great time.

At the playground area...you see...there is this rock wall that Belle was at first afraid of but then she just couldn't do it. I mean, she tried. She really tried, but couldn't ever do it. Well...today was the day. She literally stayed at that rock wall for 30 minutes trying to figure out how to conquer it. And she finally did it!!!!

Go girl!!!

Sunday was church and then yesterday we headed out to my family's Ponderosa for a cookout and swim. As you can see...the kiddos had a blast...

...and slept well last night!

1-2-3 GO!

He LOVED it all!

His mastered skill

Me and my Papa

She's getting it! My little fishy...

Papa Joe's Cannon Ball! (See his head in the middle?)

2 of my men riding in the Gator

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all of those who sacrificed so this little family can be free to fish, play, go to church and swim among many other things many folks can't do. Thank you!

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