Thursday, July 3, 2008

Family Night Edition #4


Tonight was a trip to Me-hee-ko! I sent the decorations and the lettuce and guacamole (I gotta contribute) over to Alison's after we got home from work. She decked her house up this time and even did the cooking. While I terribly LOVE these family nights, they can get quite stressful trying to get it all done. But when it all comes together, it is worth every moment. So having Al take some of the stress off this week was great! Thanks, Al!

At the front door we had some decorations and I had printed a map of our destination country...Mexico!

It was a little big for him, but how cute my sombrero kid?

Some or our Fiesta decorations

Shonda got us these blankets when she was last in Mexico. They came in handy tonight!

Aren't my 2 men just the cutest things ever? They are in some mexican colors too!

Our group ready for a fiesta (and maybe even a siesta later)

Our grub consisted of fajitas and all the fixins

After dinner was all cleaned up, we broke out the limbo stick. Luke...just made the nose dive for it.

Go boy!

Belle is really trying to be authentic here...

After limbo...we move on to the good ol game of...Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

Daddy gets to go first

Lukey spins Belle...

And she just wonders off to no mans land

She finally got there...

Then it's her turn!

He did it!

Uncle John's turn

Now let's turn Nana

Then, they decide they want to help Momma get her blindfold on...

...and they spin me...about 12 too many times~!

But it worked because I WON!

After our games, we headed over to the table to make maracas. You take styrofoam plates and let the kiddos decorate them. Then we added some streamers for effect and filled the plates with dried beans. After some staples all the way around...

...Voila! Maracas!

Dance to the music...Dance to the music..

...Um...he really does prefer the drums...

We even played some Mexicana music!

Um...not the Mexican Hat Dance I'm used to...

Then, Nana helped make the kids a "Mexican Hut" (that would be a chair fort for us as kids)

Hiding in our hut

We ended our Mexican night with some Mango pops!

Belle seems to have loved hers!

I don't even know what or who this is!

Snuggles for Momma because we love her so!

Oh, how I love them...What a perfect ending to my evening!

My kids look forward to these nights so much! Belle goes to school every Friday telling everyone what the night's festivities included and as soon as I pick her up (still on Friday) she starts in on "Is THIS night family night?"

It blesses this Momma's heart. She re-assures me every time just why I'm doing this.

Again...a shout out to Heather for her inspiration to all us Momma's out here who are jumping on the "Family Night" band wagon. Our kids' lives will be richly blessed for it all!



Alison said...

No problem! Your kids are my kids so it seemed like a great idea to have a family night over at our "house"!

Anonymous said...

I just love the smiles on the kids. You can tell that they are having a blast! I love it. H

Widney Woman said...

Oh my goodness. What a great idea! I'm adding this one to my list of future family fun nights!!