Thursday, July 24, 2008

His Grace Is...

So we are riding to church last night, just me and Belle, holding hands and listening to the radio. After an in-depth discussion about music and why some people sing about things other than God, "Your Grace is Enough" comes on.

Song over.

Belle: They got it wrong.

Me: Huh?

Belle: His grace is MORE than enough!



Alison said...

AMEN! Exactly why we He says to come as a child...Oh, the faith of a child! Her's is unwavering...exactly what my faith needs to look like.

The Masseys said...

How awesome!!! What a smart girl! I agree with Allison, the unwavering faith of a child is something to strive towards!

AliciaG said...

Amen! I believe she understands it better than all of us!