Thursday, August 7, 2008

Family Night Edition #7

After a 2 week hiatus...

You are cordially invited to the 1st Annual Prince and Princess Royal Gala

Ummm...we didn't really feast like kings, but someone can sure make it look like we did. With a little help from Momma...

Here's the royal court and honored guests

The court welcomes Lady Belle of Kinderton and her King David of Oldstown

The court now welcomes Queen Billie of Thirtsville and her Prince Sire Luke of Youngsworth

The honored guests are the Duke John of Sportsway and his Dutchess Alison of Jewelman

Um...she stole kisses from MY prince!!! Off with her head!

The Decorations

The Invitation

What would the gala be without a dragon to slay?

After some "Peasant Pie" (chicken pot pies) the court made scepters (pretzel rods in almond bark) I think the Duke came for the scepters...

Lady Belle and King David begin the dancing hour with a short/tall dance

The Pink carpet was rolled out for all to enter dancing hall

Queen Billie curtsies as her Sire Luke bows before their dance

Sire Luke then makes his way around the dance floor with the Dutchess of Jewelman

Look! Surprise guests!

After Dancing it was time for some "Kiss the Frog Prince"

His aim was a little off. Don't get him in the jousting competitions!

...all those kisses finally made it on the right prince.

Until next year, dear subjects, we bid you adieu!

(Wanna see who started all these ideas and maybe get some more of your own? Click here)


The Proctors said...

Fun!! look hot in that blue dress!! Love it!!

Greg & Kelly said...

What fun!! I love love love those invitations! Looks like a great time

Hope said...

What a fun theme! Thanks for the comment on my blog. :) I have a Nikon D300. :)

Andrea said...

Ok, really..the waterworks started at the picture of David and Belle dancing. Then when I see my "boyfreen" bowing with you...Sheesh, break out the tissue!