Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Of Course It HAS Been Around 25 Years

Since I was in Kindergarten.

Great, I sound like my Dad!

But it's true! Last night was Kindergarten Orientation at Belle's school, Ida Burns. We got all of the ins and outs of the ups and downs to come from our next great adventure. We learned all sorts of things, but the part that blew me out of the water the most?

Milk is $0.50

My Dad will have a HAY DAY with this one...

*5 Days and counting...


The Masseys said...

How are you doing with it all? I've been thinking about you

I can't believe milk is that high!

Alison said...

Man...that makes you sound old!!! ;-) Hee! Hee!
I know, I know...I'm just one year behind you!

Andrea said...

25 years since kindergarten??? SHEESH you're old! ;) LOVE YA!!