Monday, September 22, 2008


I picked up Belle on Wednesday...same as always. During the hustle and bustle of scurrying around to get ready and off to Church on time the following conversation ensues.

Belle: Mom, I have something I need to tell you but I can't.

Me: Baby, you know you can ALWAYS tell Mommy things.

Belle: Well, there's this boy at school who asked me to be his girlfriend.

Me: (trying to keep it together) And what did you tell him?

Belle: I said "Sure!" But don't worry. We don't do boyfriend/girlfriend things.

Me: Well, what DO you do as boyfriend/girlfriend?

Belle: We eat lunch together at the lunch table.

Me: Really? Do you hold hands?

Belle: NO!!! Ewwwww!

Me: (sighing) Well, that's lovely baby. What's his name?

Belle: Evan.

Fast forward 2 whole days to Friday. I get Belle at the back door b'c I make it home a little early. While walking to the car...

Me: Oh, I should have come in and met Evan!

Belle: That's ok.

Me: Are y'all still boyfriend/girlfriend?

Belle: No, we broke up.

Me: (trying to stifle the giggles) Really? What happened?

Belle: He likes Emily, but Emily doesn't like him. He's always like, "Emily, Emily, come walk with me" but Emily doesn't pay him any attention.

Me: That's ok baby. You don't need boys in your life, especially ones like that.

Belle: That's right.

Ahhhh...I feel like its 1991...only his hame was not Evan, but Joshua Turner Wright. Man that boy was some 50 kinds of cute! (Not so much when I look back now) Even better, he was my neighbor. That's the year I had to learn real quick to like Daryl Strawberry. You know, I had to look interested in what he was interested in. It worked!

But, alas our "relationship" ended just as quickly as my offspring's "relationship" did.

I think he only liked me b'c my mom let me drive my friends around the ranch in our Dodge Omni.

Including Joshua Turner Wright!

At 13.

And Rebecca was 14 and could drive her mom's camaro.

Boys are sssoooooeeewww materialistic sometimes!

So I got in my omni and drove home... driveway over.


Andrea said...

LOLOLOLOO...oh i love it..I need to post Camryn's boyfriend story. Can you imagine the conversations they will have Saturday about their "boyfriend situations"?? Oh the sign of times to come!

Alison said...

I thought I was going to just bust up laughing when she said "we broke up"! LOL!!!

bec said...

My oh my! Just wait till she starts crying over boys!! I can hear the Kenny Dunlop and Ian Bradshaw stories now!!(oh claim you never liked Ian...I forgot!!) :)