Thursday, September 18, 2008

Family Night Edition #12

Tonight was the most relaxing FN yet.

Welcome to The Overstreet. The most expensive movie theater in town!

Tonight, The Overstreet was serving dinner with the movie. It was spaghetti and garlic sticks. What else do you eat before a movie date!

Then there's the tickets. $20,000 for one stinking ticket! Gracious, inflation has hit everything! But, now showing at The Overstreet...

Rock on!

But what is a movie without popcorn. Change in economy = $50,000 popcorn

Everyone quiet. It's time for the show!

They got the front row.

The shorter one was a little loud and distracting during the movie. We tried to alert management, but no one seemed to care. But the taller one, she kept asking the ones in the back row to "please shush!"

Then came some o' this...

They really need to rethink their management strategy. With them allowing their patrons to go all willy nilly and bust-a-moves during the show, price gouging and lack of proper management skills...this theater will never stay open.

Actually, it closed down at 8:15 tonight.


I'm sure it will reopen tomorrow, oh...say, around 3:45 when the kids come home, uh straight there from school.

Hopefully their prices will reflect their change of heart.

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Widney Woman said...

That was great!! Loved the jacket, shoes - and boxers!

Andrea said...

Too cute! Love it.

Nicki said...

That looked like a lot of fun! I can't wait to do movie night for one of our family nights.

whittakerwoman said...

I agree, the jacket and shorts steal the show! H