Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Poor Tammy

She made just one mistake.

She continually "got" everyone in her path when their milestone birthdays arose.

Our pastor...pastor's wife...associate pastor-ish guy...ME...

We returned the favor last night...her first day back from Mexico

Her cake. I found this great picture of a cake like this online and Alison said she could do it. AND SHE DID! Didn't she do great?

She was turning 50. Somehow, though, everyone put "Happy 60th" on EVERYTHING. Too bad.

And see...my mother-in-law made my Lukey boy some little outfits out of John Deer tractor material. She hates 'em! And is vocal about it. So, my momma made her something special for her party. This was probably the worst part for her...really.

Isn't she cute?

This is Tammy "enjoying"...

Our eulogy. See, she is my and Chris' mentor. I read a very sad eulogy to her youth. My Chris, however, couldn't seem to quit LAUGHING!

Oh, and look how cute little "old" Kim looks~

After, we headed into the sanctuary to watch a video of Tammy thru the years. Afterwards, lots of funny stories were shared over finger foods, cake and laughs.

Have a birthday coming up? Beware...


bec said...

AWE!!! Tell her I said Happy Birthday! Looks like ya'll had a ton of fun!

Jacinda said...

Thanks for your comment! Looks like you threw a great party. Did i read it correctly, it was really her 50th, but everything said 60? So mean!! :)

whittakerwoman said...

Now that is funny! H