Thursday, September 25, 2008

R-E-S-P-E-C-T...Find Out What It Means to Belle

Ida Burns: A School of Character

That's what Belle's school is called. And every month they serve up a new positive character quality.

August-September was "respect".

This morning they had a character assembly to honor the students who most exemplified the character of the month. They choose a boy and a girl from each class to receive the award. Then, they call the parents and let them know that their child is one of the honorees and they can come watch, but it has to remain a secret.

Until their name gets called...

Just look at her! We were all so proud!

Sock it to me
Sock it to me
Sock it to me
Sock it to me!


Andrea said...


The Proctors said...

Way to go Belle!

AliciaG said...

Good Job! Belle! I am so proud of you!

bec said...

That's my girl!!! Congrats!!

Alison said...

This makes all your adoring fans so proud!

Ms. Kim said...

You go girl!!! Congratulations, Belle!! You must have had some really good "teachers".