Thursday, October 16, 2008

Family Night Edition #15

LIVE from Conway, AR it's....


I saw tonight's theme on a gals blog (here) who posted on Heather's site and I immediately e-mailed her and asked if I could totally rip that ENTIRE idea. She said sure!

And Game Show night was born!

Here we have our fabulous contestants showcasing...themselves (applaud) Um...I think we need to see about replacing the gentleman in the back. He doesn't quite have that "Vanna" appeal anymore, don't you think?

We began the evening with a nail-biting episode of "Meal or No Meal". Our 2 youngest contestants EVER on the show chose cases to reveal what tonight's supper might be.

And the Lovely Belle shows what the cases revealed: Cheese burgers, mac & cheese, corn, frozen punch (and later some dump cake). Isn't she lovely, audience?

Our hostess (aka Momma Overstreet) interviewed our 2 youngest contestants EVER on the show at the "Board o Fun". (I'll go into more detail about the board later.) This stunning young lady was Belle Overstreet from Arkansas. She is 6 years old and lives in a household of 5 including the dog. When questioned as to her mother's age, she revealed a young and svelte age of 20...just kidding...30. When questioned as to her father's age, she said she didn't know. The hostess then asked if he was older than dirt. The smart young contestant replied "No. He's older than compost."

I'm so proud.

This handsome young gentleman...well, all we know was the answers to his questions were as follows:

What is your name: Luke Obbberstweet
Where are you from: Luke Obbberstweet
How old are you: Lukey
Do you love your sister: Yes
Is you sister pretty: Yes
Is your sister ornery sometimes: Ornery

Moving on...

Then it was time to make our contestant signs!

Once all signs were hung on our backs, it was time for a riveting game of FAMILY FEUD! The hostess called each contestant for the girls team and for the boys team and the crowd went wild as each contestant came running in to join there team.

The star of the girls' team, #6...Hollywood!

Girls won...'nuff said.

So, you see that Board o Fun up there? You can click on it to make it larger. It just showed every aspect of the night. The contestants, the "Tell us who you are" segment, Meal or No Meal, Family Feud and the Grand Prize.

So, we let Hollywood remove the final case of the night. It revealed tonight's grand prize. It was...drum roll please....

Family Bonding.


Until next week...when you might get to COME ON DOWN! YOU'RE the next contestant on FAMILY NIGHT!


Alison said...

It was so fun! Girls win...because "Girls rule and boys drool!!"

Jen said...

Yay! I'm so glad you all had fun! I'm also very honored that you used my idea and gave me a link! Thanks! Aren't family nights just the best! :)

Andrea said...

How fun!!!