Thursday, October 30, 2008

Family Night Edition #16

Pack your PJs and come on over!

Tonight was Pajama Party night and we had even had a special guest with us tonight.

But first...

Our centerpiece of bedtime stories, blankey, pillow, toothbrush/paste, teddy bear, etc. Everything for nighttime.

We had cinnamon rolls and taco dip and our drinks in coffee mugs.

Mmmm..."Kids" in a blanket.

Our family night portrait under the "chair tent" under the moon and stars. And say "hello" to my sweet friend Katy!

Well...Luke wound up with a fat lip (ginormous!) and here's the momma with the rollers in her hair comforting baby boy.

Then, what would PJ night be with some karaoke! Look at Belle go!

We turned off the lights in the house and gave each of the kiddos a flashlight and their first treasure hunt clue.

Katy was their guide (aka the Reader) thru the hunt.

We found the treasure! It was "Barrel of Monkeys", 2 jumpropes, and 4 glow sticks. SCORE!

And now we were headed on to a wonderful bedtime story of "You Are My I Love You".

PILLOW FIGHT! It was all good until someone started crying. And of course, in my family, someone will.

Thank you for coming to your very first Family Night Katy! We loved having you.

Oh, and over at Heather's place, they did a C-U-T-E Ghost Night if you wanna try that.


Andrea said...

Too cute. Cam and I did a "camp out" under the same moon and stars one! LOVE IT!

Vanessa said...

What a fun night! Love the idea - thanks for sharing.

Abby said...

Oh cute! My girls would love this!

Rebecca said...

How cute!! :) What a great idea! :)