Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Night Edition #20

Wow...20. I remember when I was excited to have done 2.

Anyway, tonight was "Christmas Workshop Family Night".

And these elves had tons to do.

But first, we break for our dinner in our Elf Lunch sacks.

Then it's off to make Gingerbread cookies. They are the favorites of the Elf shop.

Speaking of Elves...check out this handsome elf with cute ears.

We had gift bags to make. We'll used these to put Christmas gifts in.

Then we worked on trees...made from sugar ice cream cones.

See our hard work?

Then we made a snowman. Isn't he cute?

Lastly, the littlest elves made some homemade Christmas wrapping paper. Hope you get some this year!

Now it's time for a long winter's nap...

There is a whole group of Momma's and Daddy's sharing their ideas over at Whittaker Woman.


Jen said...

So fun! You are becoming a Family Night expert! Let me know how you made the trees? Is it just icing covered cones? My kids would like that one. Thanks!

bec said... Luke naked in the last picture? I sure hope so, because there's nothing better than homemade wrapping paper with butt prints on it!!

Nicki said...

These are great ideas! It looks like everyone had a lot of fun too. Thanks for sharing!