Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gift of the Heart

Last night my girlfriend was over and was "taking" some of my jewelry. She was putting it one and saying "Thanks Billie!"

Belle was getting a little defensive about it.

So, she asked for a little bag and a gift tag and disappeared into her room.

She came out with the little gift bag with tissue in the top (cut to fit) and a card in it all sealed up and stuff and said "Merry Christmas".

And that she wanted me to open it right then.

David and I both got all teary eyed as she explained to me that since Tiff had taken all my jewelry she wanted to give me something to replace it.

One BIG bling ring from her Fashionista party

One plastic bracelet that didn't fit (so she threw it in the trash)

One plastic flowery necklace

One necklace with an harmonica on the end (for the times when I need a little music)

4 homemade slap bracelets

Best and most heart-felt gift I have ever received!


Andrea said...

OH lordy...that makes me teary eyed! She has such a sweet heart!!

bec said...

She melts my ever-lovin' heart!

Tiffany said...

I returned your jewelry...

You didn't mention that!