Monday, March 9, 2009

Nothing You Could Say Could Tear Me Away from My Guy!

Happy 33rd Birthday, Babe! It's been an amazing 13 years with you.

And as long as you keep staying older than me...the years will contiue to be amazing!

I love you!


The Proctors said...

Ahh...that was so sweet! Happy Birthday David!! Hope you have a great day! This is a popular day for birthdays. It's also my older brother's birthday (same age as David) as well as my good friend Jill!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday David!!! Oh, if ONLY I had a lil birdy to play for you and your special day, today!! :)

Kelly said...

Hope it's a good one! Happy bday David :)

bec said...

Happy Happy Birthday
We're glad you're not insane.
Happy Happy Birthday
From the Lovell gang.

Insane in the, I need to get some sleep...
Happy Birthday, Tommy Boy!
Love ya!