Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Absence Made MY Heart Grow Fonder

Many people don't know this, but David has an older "brother". He has always called him "brother" and my kids have always known him as "Uncle Stacey". He is actually David's cousin, but he lived and was raised by Johnny and Becky since before David was born, so in all actually he really is David's brother.

We don't get to see Stacey and his family as often as we like. They have crazy scheduled with 2 teenagers and we have crazy lives with work and kids and church. But you just make time for those you love.

Write that down.

And we made time Saturday.

And I realized...my heart is so very fond of them all. And they love us so very much.

I literally thought Stacey was going to snap David's neck off hugging him so tightly...and David returned the favor.

Multiple times.


We didn't do a whole lot. David and Stacey wanted to go fishing, but they all wanted us all to be able to visit as well. So that's exactly what we did...VISIT! We got all caught up on each other and after one AMAZING crappie fish fry...we lounged.

You know you got love when you can all sit in a room and just be quiet and it not be awkward.

Anyway...here's some photos of our family visit.

Couldn't miss an opportunity for one of Luke's famous "cheezer";; shots.

She stole my heart with this look...

Trampoline time

Frying some YUMM-O fish!

Sheila and the Kids. GOSH they have grown. I mean, the first time I met them all, Tyler...he was 3...Luke's age! Now he is 16. Crazy.

Belle fell in love with their Kitten, Odie, and made me take photos.

And secretly...I think that kitten loved her too.

So, call or go visit someone you haven't seen in awhile. You'll realize...Oh, how your heart has missed them!

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The Burns Family said...

Sorry about the crappy fish fry - sometime it's the crappy days that make us appreciate the good days. HAHA! Only kidding, of course!