Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Family Night Edition #27

Last night's Family Night was a very simple one.

You see...when David stayed at home with Belle, they used to head up her to visit with me at work every couple of weeks. Belle would get smooched all over by the folks up here and then we would head out to lunch.

And THIS was always Belle's favorite place:

I think she has only been there once in the last 3 years and it was after a very traumatic doctor's visit that I don't want to remember.

So, we headed to Little Rock last night and surprised her with her favorite purple shakes!

Luke and his 'purple cow'

Belle coloring her 'purple cow'...she actually had a fit until someone found her a purple crayon. She had a cow to color and it had to be purple. Love her!

Easy and yummy...SCORE!

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bec said...

Ah, Man! I LOVE the Purple Cow!