Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Family that Does Everything Together, Stays Together

This is my blog and my memories and this is definitely a memory that I want to have written down somewhere. The faint of heart need not read on.

Our church body is a very close body. We are small in number but now...VERY strong. Don't get me wrong...we always had closeness in different ways, but I would say the last 6 - 9 Months has built our entire body into something I didn't know could exist in an entire body.

A few weeks ago, I guess my son decided to put that to the test.

My Hubs was practicing music and I was in Bible study with my ladies.

Luke finds our pastor (who is VERY far removed from dealing with this kind of stuff) and tells him he needs to use the potty. #2...yes sir. Wayne tries to convince him that he will help find his Dad and Luke firmly lets him know...there is no time.

So Wayne is step-by-step inducted into the "Luke goes Poo" hall of fame.

A few weeks rock by and every time we come we let Wayne know that there should be no danger in a repeat as the deed had already been done for the day.

He's regular.

Sunday...morning...I hear it in the back seat. "Momma...I need to go home. I gotta poop!"

He's also a hair OCD.

We walk in the front doors and I'm about to put my stuff down so that I can take him and I see him running as his Daddy (who is out by the pastor's office door) crouches down and says "Hey Buddy!"

He runs past him into the pastor's office where he and the Elders are.


Luke: "Preacher! I gotta poop!"

Me: "Luke, I'll take you potty, let's go."

Luke: "No. Preacher take me."

Preacher: "We were just discussing having a servant attitude. Let's go."

As they hold hands and walk past me grinning, Luke says, "Hey Momma! This my preacher. Take me poop."

If the old addage holds true...I guess we really will stay together!

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