Thursday, May 7, 2009

Family Night Edition #28

This picture should say it all...

Yes, tonight was all about the fact that Belle is almost done with her first year of school!

So, we let her show us a lot of how things go on at school.

Decorations for now and later!

Ready with our backpacks!

We grabbed our lunch trays and headed thru the lunch line to get our pizza (thankfully NOT square, orange cups and Capri Suns. This is the best 'cafeteria' food I've seen in a while.

Lunchtime! And in THIS cafeteria, we can talk!

Belle even offered to be the janitor like Mrs. Donna does at her school...she took our trays, dumped the food and gathered the trays.

After lunchtime, it was time for Art Class. The kids were instructed to draw what they wanted to be when they grew up. Belle drew herself as a cheerleader on one side and as an artist on the other.

It's nice to have options.

Then we headed off to the Library where the 'librarian' read to the kiddos the favorite book of each of their choice.

When the bell rang we trotted off to Music class. Here the kiddos taught the grown ups their Frog Street Press songs. And they added a few rock star moves as you can see.

It was time for PE class. We were supposed to have the 'bus' (aka the momma-mobile) pick us up and take us to Ida Burns' playground. However, more rains came down and more floods came up. So, we played the PE Alphabet. Basically we had to do actions for each letter of the alphabet (ie. R=run, etc.) They both passed PE!

My FAVORITE memory of the cafeteria days was the triangle juice-pops. Yumm-o! Looks like the kiddos like-y too. And check out the cute nametags!

We were all pretty tired after a tough night of school, so get got in our jammies and piled up in my bed to watch Leapfrog's Word Factory.

Then, we were off to bed.

And it's really beginning to sink in that in just a few short weeks, I will be living with a 1st grader.

Excuse me.

I have to log off now.

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MrsKing said...

These family fun nights make me want a) to me in your family b) to start my very own family and c) do this with my kids of the future.

What are the "rules"?

Dana said...

Love your school cafeteria. When we move, I think I could get the whole cafeteria line thing going because there is sort of a breakfast bar type thing between the kitchen and the dining area. It'll be great.