Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A New Nightly Ritual

Well...not necessarily EVERY night.

But recently, the kiddos have gotten on this kick of actually WANTING to spend more time together once the day and evening events have settled down.

AKA--After all the cheesy dogs have been in haled, all 3 High School Musicals have been skimmed thru and Baby Boy has clobbered Baby Girl at least 16.7 times by the stick horse, Fred.

On special occasions (read: no throw downs or tears within the last 15 minutes) they get to pile up in Baby Girl's bed, pick a movie/show to watch and I pop them a bag of Kettle Korn.'s only 1 point on Weight Watchers.

I have to keep my family healthy, ya know.



I love this. Peace. Harmony. No Tattling.

And sometimes that's even when David and I don't pile up in the bed with them!

Oh, I kid.

As a matter of fact the other night when they were doing this I walked in to check on them and said "Y'all ok?"

Baby Boy replies, "Yeah, we are not fighting, just laughing. Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

Then...Straight face.

I had to laugh out loud. He thought he was so funny, then back to b'ness.

Popcorn. Blankets. Fred (you can see his head by the bowl of popcorn if you look closely). And High School Musical.

But then...oh then...there's this...

It's moments like these this Momma of 2 remembers all the prayers she prayed while she was pregnant with Baby Boy.

That I would have moments like these that would remind me that God has blessed me immeasurably far above and beyond what I could ever imagine!

And boy, did He ever.

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AliciaG said...

Precious moments! Enjoy them!