Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy "Every" Day!

Happy Mother's Day! I mean...happy Every Day! Because everyday is truly Mother's Day and here's MY very own proof!

For those of us that are Mother's, we really know that to be the truth.

And I'm talking to all mothers...

including step mothers, spiritual mothers, mothers-to-be, "just like" mothers, etc.

We all know that every single day is Mother's Day!

We get special glimpses into how God's heart leans towards the beings that HE Himself teamed with in order to create life.

We have at least a moment or 2 throughout every single day when one or more of our children do something, no matter how tiny, that makes us remember one of the many reasons why we have them in our lives.

To love them!

So, to all of you mothers in that list up there...Happy Mother's Day! Every Day!

My Mother's Day was wonderful as always! Just to have "Happy Mother's Day" said to me 50 million times by my kids, Hubs, loved ones, friends, TV Commercials...whoever is such a gentle reminder of God's grace. When I think back and remember when I thought I would never have children, hearing Happy Mother's Day said to me is priceless.

This Sunday was just as priceless. We got up and had breakfast as a family and headed to the only other place my heart continually longs to be other than home with family and that's the Lord's house. We had a wonderful service and went to eat with friends who aren't just more like family...they just plain ARE family now. We headed for a quick nap and then it was off to the Nursing Home.

Wow...to be in a nursing home on Mother's Day and have no children that can come and see you. My heart broke for these women! But to have them ministered to by many, but among those many being my 2 children, swelled this Momma's heart with JOY! Pure. Joy. They handed out homemade cards to them and desserts and flowers and these women's eyes LIT UP!

They remembered the feeling that I get every time my kiddo draws me a new picture.

Even if it does have spikey hair.

Oh, Lord. BLESS those women!

Then we headed back to church and settled down as a family when we got home.

And you know what...I wouldn't have that day any other way. Every corner we turned an even as I typed out the events of the day I couldn't help but be so thankful and so blessed for what the Lord has done for me.

I have 2 wonderful mothers who adore me, a mother in Tammy who literally guides me out of the uttermost and wretched parts of my being to a holy place, and 2 children in whom I have not only hung their moon but probably designed the holes in it by myself. I have Hubs who I can't even begin to explain, friends near and far whom I love and trust and am so thankful that God gave them to me and a church body that is now ingrained into my soul.

Man...this Momma has "immeasurably above and beyond what she could ever think or even begin to imagine"!

Thank You, Lord, for Your gifts and blessings!

Ok, simply because I need to inject a little humor into this post before my tears and snot short-circuit the keyboard, here are some "My Mother" responses sent home from the kiddos schools.

#2. My mom is special because? She's Billie (what more do you want, people!)
#5. My mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by? Smiling real big at her (he demonstrated it too apparently)
#7. My mom is smart! She even knows? She starts with the letter "B" (gosh, I should win an award or something...surely)


#4. What is your mother's favorite food? Beef and Corn (what?)
#8. What does your mom cook the best? Pizza (Baby Girl...his name is Papa John and his number is 327-9111...you know, like in emergency?)
#12. My mom doesn't like to? Listen to my brother yell around the house (amen. amen.)
#13. My mom looks pretty? On church days (heaven forbid y'all see me Mon-Sat!)

But then...oh merciful heaven then there was #7. You can ask Hubs...#7 took my breath and caused me to weep. It cased me to know that my Baby Girl is so very perceptive. It cased me to know that I am going to have to eventually explain all of this to you in my Blog-o-sphere one day. It caused me to thank God for giving me a daughter who is exactly like me. I mean, as soon as I started crying she knew exactly which question it was.

#7. If I could buy my mom anything, I would by her? An adopted baby girl

Thank you, Lord, for Your blessings on me!

As crazy as they are!

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Alison said...

So the fashionista Belle doesn't like your comfy clothes attire?
You have a great family and are a great mother! Glad you had a good day!