Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Love That We Can Do This

You know...I'm so very thankful. I sometimes have to reflect on the fact that I'm a very lucky woman in the area of families. My parents and David's parents love each other.

For real.

I mean, they will do stuff without us.

Even more for real.

So it makes it even more special that we don't necessarily feel like we have to divide our time here and there and everywhere and try to make sure that each side feels just as 'loved' as the other side and one doesn't feel like they don't' get as much g-kid time as the other.

Whew! That is just not the life for me.

We have taken family vacations together, mini-trips together and sometimes we even all will pile up at the Overstreet's house in Ashdown and just hang out together.

I truly am blessed.

So, this Memorial Day was no exception to the rule. Since the Overstreet's were already here it just made sense for us all to be together.

We ate until we popped, laughed until we all cried, told stories, looked at pictures, and as always broke out the guitars and song books.

Now, of course I forgot my camera, but this was Luke about 10 minutes after we got home and the Overstreets left.

So this Memorial Day I am also remembering...that I LOVE that we can do this and I am one very lucky daughter.

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Anonymous said...

Amen girl! I have the exact same set up and I love it!