Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Star is Born

Remember a few months ago when I told you about Belle starting her acting classes?

Well, Saturday night was the culmination of her first semester of Children's Theater To Go!

About a month ago she was sent home with a script that had "Fairy 1" circled and about 20 lines highlighted.


Wonderful for a girl who can't even read yet.

But we worked and memorized the first 2 lines by the next class.

When she came home that day 2/3 of her lines had been cut. The 2 fairy lines had been broken down into 4 fairies to share the love.

Which came in handy since the night before the play she was about to cry because she knew she was going to forget her lines.

I spent Friday night and Saturday morning convincing her that it would be A-OK if she forgot a line. She would just call a line and get it.

She psyched herself up and we headed out to the church on Saturday night.

Allow me to introduce you to...Fairy #1 in "The Queen of the Golden River".

Before the show with the star

We weren't allowed to take and photography during the play, but we did get a cast photo after the play. There's that beautiful fairy in the center!

Baby Boy taking his princess a bouquet of roses

How they looked when we got home.

Isn't she beautiful?

This is her main teacher, Miss Daisy. She LOVES doing this and we are already looking forward to the fall semester!

Way to go, Baby Girl! Way to Go!


Alison said...

Uncle John and I were so proud of her and glad we go to see the play...she looked adorable! Can't wait to see where this goes...maybe someday we can go see her on Broadway!

Kelly said...

Great job Belle!!

Andrea said...

OMG!!!! I was SO planning on going to this and totally forgot!!! I want to cry for real! She is so cute and I'm so proud of her!!!!

AliciaG said...

Great Job, Belle! Proud of you!