Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pictorial Proof

Remember this post that I still can't believe that we did?

Well, now here is pictorial proof.

Maumelle Sports tried to photograph everyone (some in groups) that came across the finish line. So I grabbed a few pics off of their site to show here.

Upfront...please excuse the crazy orange-haired woman closer to the end.

She was delirious by the time she got to the finish line.

Also, please excuse her looks. She is actually 6' 130 lbs but the camera just adds so much weight and shrinks height these days. It's rediculous!

New-fangled technology-schmectology!

Enough about her, on to the pictorial proof.

Here is the starting line with all those fancy-schmancy fast people.

Tammy was the first of our group to cross. She did so good...47 minutes!

My firstborn was the 2nd of our group to cross at 50 minutes. WOW! I'm still so proud! And look at her determination on her face! Let's enlarge that, shall we?

She is taking NO prisoners!

Then, there was this crazy lady we talked about earlier. Let's not continue to entertain her craziness.

Go Nana!

Here comes Sharon!

And last but not least, our lovely fairies I was telling you about. See that one in the middle? She had a camera hidden somewhere.

She called it her "vault".

I want to be like her when I grow up.

Doesn't she just look so pleasant?


Andrea said...

OMG...for whatever reason...maybe I'm emotional or something, but that picture of Belle literally made me choak up. She's so focused and determined!!! I'm so proud of her!!! The crazy red head too...but that picture of Belle, brought tears to my eyes!

Alison said...

I have never seen such sheer determination! Love that picture!

AliciaG said...

Well, I guess the emotional issues run in the family because I did the same thing...tears and such joy for her accomplishment. I love that look of determination! God will use that someday! I just know it!

Jen said...

Go Belle! I love that face!!!

Dana said...

Determination is a good look on any young lady. I want overalls and a walking stick when I grow up. And I'm going to call everyone whipper snappers.

bec said... go girl! Billie...LOVE the hair!! Y'all rock my world!!