Friday, May 15, 2009

My Little Entrepreneur

In the car last week:

Belle--Mom, I want to know the truth about the Tooth Fairy (for the record...the only Make-Believe character we entertain around our house) Is she real?


Belle--Is she you?


Fast Forward to Tuesday when she brought me her tooth home from school:

Belle--So, my family is the Tooth Fairy?


Belle--So, when I lost my first tooth and I got $6 that was from you. Out of your wallet (this is lead her to try to give me money back!)

Me--Actually, Daddy and I gave you $2, Mimi and Papa threw in $2 more and then Grammie and Grandpa threw in $2 more.

Fast Forward to that night right before bedtime:

Belle--So, um...Mom? Even though I know you are the Tooth Fairy, can you still slip some money under my pillow?

Me--How about that $3 you gave me?

Belle--$3 sounds great!

Way to captialize on your investment.

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Andrea said...

LOLOLOL...that is hilarious!