Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Am Now 30 PLUS

I remember saying when I was 29 that "Thirty HAS to be better than 29."

And for my close inner circle who know everything about 29 know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, My 30th year has been great. A few issues here and there, but a VERY BLESSED year none-the-less.

My 31st birthday started on Wednesday with my work group and I going to lunch. We had some birthday Tamales at Doe's in LR. YUM!

Thursday, my lunch buddies and I went to Red Lobster. Double YUM!

Friday night my Hubs took me to Murray's Dinner Theater (I know, I should have bought season passes as much as we go) for our Anniversary but it happened to fall on my Birthday weekend. HILARIOUS show about a married couple set in the 1840's and started on their wedding day and went thru everything they went thru in 50 years of marriage.


Including the fact that the stage...was centered around the 4 poster bed.

'nuff said.

Saturday, Dave had to work so me and the kids went with Anna's family to Briarwood, a community pool with slides and such. Had a blast and didn't even get burnt! Score.

That night was my night with my Peeps. We went to one of my girl's house and they cooked for me and we did all sorts of girly things until almost midnight and talked about God quite possibly the entire time. We laughed until it hurt too! You know God delights in that! He establishes relationships that are meant to sharpen each other like steel on steel and that includes all gamuts...laughter, crying, holding each other up. We have spent the last year (2 of us the last 7 years) holding each other's arms up as Joshua and Caleb held Moses' up.

Need to move on...'bout to get my shout on!

I came home that night and found a note on my front door.

It said "I am Purple. I am square. I am on the bottom."

From Belle.

I opted to wait until she woke up on my birthday morning before pursuing her treasure hunt. She bounded in my room Sunday morning and said, "Are you ready for your scavenger hunt?"

She grabbed the first clue and read it to me. I acted as thought I couldn't figure it out, so she lead me to my bedroom pillow on the floor.

This one read "I am dark purple. I am in your room. I am on the other side."

My dust ruffle on my bed held this one "I am silly. I have big purple lips. I have Belle."

Her artwork held the final clue "I have balls and stripes".

Here are the clues for your own viewing pleasure. David said it was all her idea and she only asked how to spell a few words. I heart her!

Her bathroom floor held a bag full of this....

That would be various items collected from her bedroom. I couldn't' have loved it all more.

Then, they gave me cards. Belle picked out a card that sings (the LOVES singing cards) and this one sings "The Chicken Dance". She even drew some chicken feet on the card for me.

My little artiste!

Sissy gave me a card that said, "They say dogs can fear, which leads me to believe a lot of people must have fear coming out of their butts. Don't fear another year."

I love that dog.

But the piece de resistance was my card from Hubs. It just says "Another year older and still going strong."

BUT, it sings a song that my husband HATES! Well, he actually HATES the group that sings it. And the fact that he gave it to me speaks volumes. He wrote that I have to know he loves me if he would buy me this card.

'Hanging Tough' by New Kids on the Block

Trust me...that's love...in a way only Becky will understand.

PS--Speaking of her bedroom, this is on her BR door.

Do we sense a little sibling rivalry?


Andrea said...

LOVE that girl!!!! And Happy Birthday!! (love you too)

The Burns Family said...

LMAO - - you are sooooo hangin' tough when your 31st b-day card STILL references the NKOTB!!

bec said...

You know 31 is gonna be great when the New Kids sing to you on your Birthday! I only wish David loved ME enough to get me a New Kids card!! :)

The Proctors said...

NKOTB!!! They will always rock! Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! 31 is going to be great for you! I've always heard that 30's are better!!