Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Family Night Edition #30

Appropriate number since I'm 30 (actually she's 31!) and feel like a science experiment sometimes myself.

So this week's FN was in honor of my 1st Grader who says she wants to be a Scientist when she grows up.

Science Experiment Family Night!

Our various and assundry experiments were awaiting us as we entered the lab.

Even our dinner was wrapped with a warning that it may have been exposed to radiation. We at sandwiches, popcorn (b'c it is a reaction) and drank green slime.

Here is Lab Assistant's Belle and Luke ready to work. Gotta love child labor!

Our first expirament was putting oil on our hands and trying to wash it off with just water. Then we talked about how soap is an emulsifier that wraps around the oil and washes it away. Then, in this picutre, we made molecule structures with Dots candy and toothpicks. Most of them got eaten shortly thereafter.

Here we learned about acids and bases. I had boiled purple cabbage and kept the juice off of it. we then tested baking soda, water, bleach, coke, lemon juice, oxyclean and salt. If the water turned to the pink side, it was an acid. If it turned to the blue almost clear side, it was a base. They loved this one.

In this photo we did Magnet experiments testing what we thought might stick to a magnet and what we thought wouldn't. Then, we made flubber! I don't know why I didn't get a picture of this, but it was cool. You mix water, glue, food color and borax and it literall makes flubber! And it even bounces. Baby Girl made red and Baby Boy made "lellow".

Here we were outside attempting the old film canister rocket, but I couldnt' seem to get the cap on fast enough before the chemical reaction. But all in all, another fun family night! Even though she looked a little disappointed here...

...obviously HE just liked watching the canister explode out of my hand.


bec said...

Wow! You are SMART?!?! Where did you go to school again?!?!?!

Rebecca said...

I love all your family night ideas! So creative and something your kids will always remember! :) Miss you all! :)