Thursday, June 18, 2009

What Did They Just Say?

More musings from the kiddos.


"Mom, I need to find my maggots! Help me find my maggots!"

Praise the Lord I realized he was meaning magnets. I was very afraid of what I was about to find.


(wrestling with her daddy)
"I better warn you. I know Kung Fu!"

Holy crapola I laughed until I peed! Then she began to demonstrate said skills.

(trying to squeeze between the front of her daddy's truck and his bicycle)
"Ugh! Fat don't do this!"

Someone please help me! I'm in the floor because I say this exact phrase when it involves some sort of physical exertion.

I love these kids and still don't see how I make it thru one day of disciplining them. They are so stinkin' funny!

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