Monday, June 1, 2009

I See the Moon and the Moon Sees Me

For those of you who know my Hubs, you know one thing.


He has had a telescope for years and he breaks it out every now and then and spends a few days looking up the heavens.

The other night he got it out after the kiddos went to bed. He stayed out there for quite a while and got ate up by skeeters.

Not I. I stayed in my air conditioning.

After he was fully plump from bug bites, he brought the telescope in for the night.

Because for those of you who do not live in the south, allow me to inform you we have just changed our name to Seattle due to all the non-dryness we are currently experiencing.

The next day when we got home, my son went and got his step stool and climbed up to Hubs' telescope (while still in the house) and looked in the hole for EVAH~!

So the second Hubs got home they had to take it outside.

And stare at the trees.

We left for the evening (our house is just a mailing address for us anymore) and when we got home, Baby Boy got his step stool and headed out the door.

Baby Girl followed this time.

She ain't no fool. She knows to wait until nighttime to see cool stuff.

So, since it looked like they were going to be out there for 50 forevers I grabbed my camera.

(click on the photo to enlarge it and you can see a few craters)

I guess like Daddy like kiddos.

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Dana said...

Longing for a telescope again...

What a great time they must have had and they learn so much from that time with dad.