Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Artistic Best Friend who is Always There

Yesterday I attended the Kindergarten Awards Ceremony (since Conway doesn't do Kindergarten Graduations)

But check back next week for an update on that one.

Anyway, I knew Belle was supposed to be getting some awards so I, of course, wasn't going to miss a memorable day for my little girl (or an opportune blogging moment).

First up, she (and 2 others) received the Outstanding Attendance award. This was for kids who had only missed 1-2 days. No one in her class had perfect, but then again, neither did any of the teachers.

She then received an award for her artwork that went to the regional competition. While she didn't win anything there, Mrs. Green gave each of the 3 kiddos a special award.

Her final award warmed my heart. She won the "Cool Cat" Award for being a Best Friend.

Way to go, my little artistic best friend who is always there.

I love you.

Here are some photos:

Getting her award from Mrs. Thacker

After the ceremony with her 3 awards.

With Mrs. Jennifer!

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bec said...

The "Cool Cat" award?? That's the coolest thing I've ever heard!! Where was that when I was in school?? Rock on, Belle!!! You're the COOLEST CAT in my book!!