Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Family Night Edition #29

In light of my kids out door adventure with Hubs last week, I thought last night's FN was an appropriate one to plan.

Space Quest!

We began our night with the clipboard o' rangers names with their missions. As the commander (me) called their names.

Space Mission O-6 Ranger Belle--Present and accounted for
Space Mission O-3 Ranger Luke--Present and accounted for
Space Mission 0-33 Ranger Dad--Present and accounted for
Space Mission 0-30 Ranger Mom--Present and needing a nap already

Here was the kiddos waiting for our family picture that somehow got lost between my camera and here. And it was actually a great photo! Oh well...

Then we made UFO pizzas. Belle cut the dough all by herself and made her and Baby Boy's pizzas all by herself. Hubs and I had Greek UFOs with Feta, tomatoes, onion, olive oil and Cavenders. Mmmm-mmmm! Our drink of choice (in the upper right) was Green Space Juice.

We then headed outside with our 3-D chalk and glasses to make space things and then look at them with the glasses. Parents...VERY cool little purchase. It really is in 3-D.

Then we came inside to make the "Universe in a Bottle". Basically they were water bottles and we poured some water out and added some Baby oil in. Then we added blue food coloring and glitter to make it look like twinkling stars.

Back outside we went on a hunt for all the moon rocks (spray painted church parking lot rocks) to fill up the bucket enough to pull on the pulley and release their next game/prize that was hidden under the other bucket on the porch. It was 2 purple glow sticks that we cracked and went into the kiddos bathroom (no windows) and 'lifted off' and into the glow-in-the-dark solar system and the light-up planetarium that cast constellations onto the ceiling.

Bless my 'some assembly required' skills.

Then we played some 'EARTH' Bingo.

Here we introduced the kids to space ice cream. They LOVED IT! Me, not so much.

But THIS was my favorite part.

Pop rocks.

Nuff said.

We ended the evening with an attempt to watch Little Einsteins.



Good night, Twinkle, Twinkle.

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bec said...

Pop rocks make the world go round!