Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Could Have Sworn I Got THIS One Right

I married a man named David Overstreet.

I birthed 2 children with said man, David Overstreet.

I have spent 11 years with said man, David Overstreet.

I just KNOW that is who has participated in all these years with me.

One day in the car on the way home from school I am quizzing Luke on the full names of his Family members.

I get to this:

Me: What is Daddy's name?

Luke: Daddy (he has gotten in trouble recently for calling Hubs David)

Me: No, what is his other name...his full name.

Luke: John Fortner

For 10 straight minutes he worked to convince me that his name was John Fortner.

The next morning I get a phone call from Hubs.

Hubs: Who is John Fortner?

He was trying to convince Hubs that his daddy's name was John Forner.

Try explaining THAT one to the Hubs!


The Burns Family said...

So....who IS john fortner?

Alison said...

LOL!!! This story and that kid cracks me up!

Andrea said...

LOLOLOLOLOL...I can't stop laughing!!! Although, John Fortner is a good name, i'm not sure I could have come up with that one!